Quality, Health Safety and Environmental Policies

Quality, Health and safety is central to everything we do – starting with pre-job planning and continuing through to job execution and debriefing. As an organization, we feel it’s our obligation to provide our Clients and employees with the most advanced equipment, technology, training, and systems available to ensure that no project has more value than the well-being of a single individual.


Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of the company to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and procedures of work for all our employees. The company also provides information on safety, training for its staff, and also supervision when they are at work. We also accept responsibility for the health and safety of other workers who may be on contract with us or may be mobilized by us. In pursuance of this, the company will;

  • Work on the principle that all accidents are preventable and should be prevented.
  • Keep our employees, clients and others informed of the hazards associated with our operations
  • Establish and maintain contingency procedures to minimize harm from accidents that may occur.
  • Ensure that our operations do not in any way contribute to the degradation of the immediate environment.
  • Ensure that managers, line supervisors and employees are committed to the company’s policy.


Environmental Policy

LaFam is committed to protecting the environment and ensures that all operations are conducted in compliance with applicable safety regulations and environmental laws. Our objectives towards fulfilling this policy are

  • To foster environmental awareness and responsibility
  • To manage waste utilizing waste minimization methods
  • To ensure prevention of pollution in all our operations
  • To promote conversation and use environmental friendly products
  • To maintain procedures that reduces the risk of accidental spills, emission and discharges
  • To maintain adequate procedures for responding to environmental disasters
  • To train employees to conserve resources, minimize waste and work efficiently and safely with respect for environmental protection.


Quality Assurance Policy

The management of LaFam Limited is totally committed to the following Quality Policy and Objective:

  • To achieve quality service by meeting customer’s requirements.
  • To develop and use qualified personnel, equipped with the necessary skills to perform their duties within the requirements of ISO 9001 latest Edition.
  • To  perform  in  accordance  with  the  documented  Quality  System  with  the  aim  of developing all products and services correctly.
  • To ensure that services and products provided by LaFam Facility Management Limited are in accordance with the contract specifications, applicable codes, safety and jurisdictional Regulations or legislative requirement.
  • To continually evaluate the Quality System’s suitability and monitor its operation to   improve its effectiveness.
  • All employees are hereby instructed to comply with, and implement, the requirement of this Quality Management System manual, associated procedures and instruction relative to their scope of work. However, in line with the company culture of cost reduction, the question of requirements and recommending improvements shall be encouraged as one of the means to ensure continual improvement.